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ACCAD Faculty and Staff:

Vita Berezina-Blackburn.

Vita is project advisor and coordinator. Aside from production logistics, she works on fostering translation of early hand drawn animation techniques and aesthetics into 3D computer animation.
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Alan Price.

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ACCAD Graduate Students:

Beth Albright.

Beth’s MFA thesis research investigates 2D and 3D treatments for the representation of visual space in digital animation. The viewer’s perception of space is important because construction of meaning is derived in part from comprehension of space. Digital animation provides a unique opportunity for the study of spatial representation because of the inherent duality in its production: although it is generated in a 3D interface, the final rendered images are flat 2D pictures. Beth’s research examines the ways that 2D and 3D compositional elements can be manipulated by the filmmaker to challenge the viewer’s understanding of space and depth.
In addition to working as an animator and designer, Beth is a Graduate Research Associate for the project.
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Michelle Aubrecht.

Michelle will begin her graduate studies in Art Education in the fall of 2008. Her research focus is using video games to teach complex science topics in the context of a non-traditional learning environment such as a museum or museum website. She works in video editing, using Final Cut and Avid, and is currently working on learning Paint Effects in Maya. In the next two years, she hopes to learn more about compositing and combining live action with special effects and animation. She enjoys working with After Effects, Photoshop, Flash, and Dreamweaver. Michelle plans to work on Paint Effects approaches to several aspects of the Thurber Animations. While not directly related to her research, Michelle looks forward to developing her skills in this way.
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Tyler Ayres.

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Joe Bondra.

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Amber Cecil.

Amber joined the project in spring 2008, working on storyboards and animatics. She is interested in the experimentation of stylistic techniques that reveal character perspective, as well as methods of directing viewers' interpretation through the subjective mindset of the character within an animation. She will be responsible for completing particular animatics/stories, modeling a few of the characters, and assisting in developing the look and feel of the animations.
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Steve Conroy.

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Jane Drozd.

Jane is beginning her first year of graduate studies at ACCAD. Her current artistic pursuits include animation and digital visualization combined with glass casting. She will be working on visual development and paint effects for this project.
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Josh Fry.

Josh is beginning his second year of graduate studies at ACCAD. He is studying animation, and is interested in a wide variety of subjects within animation production including lighting, surfacing, rigging, and animation. He will be working on creating animation controls for the characters as well as animating individual scenes and cycles.
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Iuri Lioi.

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